Tales of me, myself and me again.

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Thursday, January 08, 2004
That's what it feels like

My body loves me this week. Morning workouts, healthy food, regular sleep, 1/2 the TV, no alcohol ---- Wow. My cats are even more attentive (or is it that i'm just not whining 'stop crying').

Double Bonus - I'm scheduled to hit my first ball with my new clubs. To make it even better - I'm going golfing with my MOM, Brandi and her mom. Chateau Elan to boot.

Ahh.. my week has been good.

My Daily Rant.

I'm actually one of them. Obviously the term came from non-Atlantans that don't like our style. I can see how 'the visitors' coud feel threatened by the in and out flow, the non-blinker lane changes and the excessive speeds on the straight-aways. I never really knew why it was so bad? Don't get me wrong - unsafe driving or causing other's to be in danger due to your own carelessness -- Is uncalled for. However, people freak out on the smallest of things. Even my friends. I listen to their comments -- and I silently say "so what" -- but there I go again --- Being an ATLANTAN.

But for the two Fucks that stopped in the middle of the Highway to exit their desired Exit - but didn't prepare for it or don't realize that Highways and Exits Go BOTH WAYS -- Get the Fuck out of my city or better yet --- just stay off our roads.

In Roman..... you know the rest.

I respect that rule.........I don't even attempt to drive in the snow. Even if i see 5 flakes... I'm on FOOT.

Tuesday, December 30, 2003
Best way to start my year

I couldn't think of a better way to start my New Year than escaping to a horse farm outside of Charleston with the most interesting of sorts. That'd be you, you and our crew. Horse and Canoe rides have me craving the outdoors.

Our home away from home New Years bash sounds perfect for my soul.

See everyone else next week -- or after I recover from work's Mass Push common to January.

Note to self: Rest during your trip TOOOOO. Holiday recovery is planned.

Tres de Anos

*Personal Growth - practiced a balanced life - friends, family, me, amy, work, excercise -- as previous years were lopsided to one vs all
*Closer friendships - i've moved past 'closeness by proximity' and focused more on the quality of time. I couldn't ask for a better group of lesbian friends (McGruder's Bar) and couldn't have a finer family of friends (W&P, JB, S&J and Crew and Gicki in NYC). Bonus friends- Anthony N, Joel, Natalie & Kelly - and the crazy two P&P.
*Newbies - two cars, furniture and apparently lots of wine
*College Football's banner year (minus lsu and fla)
*My mom. My girlfriend. My two kids and Me.

What could be better.
*movies - why don't I enjoy them as much? i feel like the 'mass appeal' overruns the talent. I don't like the Tarantino style flicks or the heroine obsessed teenager dramas. Give me drama with thought and surprise. Make it a serial killer suspense and I'll pay more.
*my reading habits (or if I could replace the 3 mill mags I read for 3 books)
*less telly. I can't help it. Unlink flicks - there are some good hr programs that are thought provoking. Give it up for my Law & Order and CSI families. Not to mention - football has my undivided attention.

Wednesday, December 17, 2003
Funnier than lyrical humor

Is when my girlfriend knows what Milk Shake means. I suppose it's simple enought that I could have figured it out on my own? Maybe she's just a hood rapper deep down. Do you know what it means? Good news --- it wasn't the raunchy translation I first thought.

I'm in need of a kitty sitter. I wish they could travel with me.

Countdown to the Southern Tour de Force: 4 days
Countdown to Charley Charley Town: 13 days
Countdown to Georgia spanking Purdue: 14 days
Countdown to me leaving work: negative 1 minute

no more mayo on sandwiches people - please! my stomach says PLEASE>

Tuesday, December 16, 2003

Minus my mispelling "moments" (mommmments... thanks Walt) - I feel I'm grammatically correct most of the time. That's why I'm posting this..............I have SO not had correct spelling or grammar on this fucking blog thing. I just read two of my blogs and slapped myself for simple mistakes. It's just Sad.

I'm blaming it on my lack of time to proof them before I post. I figure I'm doing well by writing at all.

So here is my apologies for the forthcoming SHIT reading material

Lyrical humor

I'm telling you what - Country and Rap music get's away with the silliest or maybe corny is the term i'm shooting for... but the lyrics are just fucking hilarious.

new one i heard TWICE on the way to work

"The boys all love my yard because of my milk shake" ---- am I stupid... b/c I have no clue what the hell that means? or is it just as raunchy as it sounds??


Friday, December 12, 2003
Perks of My Relationship

* Massages, just because
* Warmth, understanding, softness, etc etc... you know all that sweet fireside stuff
* Culinary experiences
* Health conscious support and involvement
* My own 'Entertainment Tonight" and endless What's In Style Reports
* Cool as Shit Hair Appts - cuts by 'Stylists of the Stars' - in LA, Atlanta or even at my house!

and now a "do-up or blow-out or whatever they call it (, sports) " I call it Styling --- by none other than American Idol and Ryan Seacrest's hairstylist - 'Dean'. Not sure what will come of it, but a fun time none the less. If I was a guy...there be any shock WHO i'd look like at the end of the night - Clay or Ryan? Which one's which these days.

..... and of course, I must add to the list - love, sex, love and stttttuffffff

Thursday, December 11, 2003
Apples to Apples

Red Light at North Ave offered up a One Minute comparison. To take you back about 6 months ago - I was in the car buying business. Without default - I was obsessed. Options, warranties, service record, price comparison, monthly and annual breakdown, my budget, etc. It was time consuming but I truly enjoyed it b/c I can't remember when I've last gone car shopping.

For the last few years I had it in my head that I was headed towards a BMW 328 or 330 2 door - for sure. I had seen it on the road for so long with adoration and desire. I'm such a boy that way - I swear I don't want to be this 'stereotypical' dkye -- but I LOVE cars -- and Sports. I accept it.

So here I am - finally warming since departure- and there it was -- side by side. The BMW 328 next to the Audi A4 - same year, same color, same bells and whistles. I was in a tunnel - almost surreal like- Two cars - I made this fast attempt at comparing everything from width, heigth, bumper size to light size, badassness to the wheels & rims. That's when I felt it -- the most peaceful experience.

I made the RIGHT decision! Cheers to my Ming Blue Baby! Go AUDI

Wednesday, December 10, 2003
Not sure what to think....

As I was on my usual tour de force from Alphy to Midtown last night, I witnessed a thought provoking act. My last leg is south on West Peachtree passing the Cheetah and their luxiouriously named restaurant 'Alluvia' (you know .. All over Ya).. and there he was.... a man in his 60s, walking with a cane was attempting to cross the 5 laner during traffic. And there I was, with an immediate fear that this man is NOT going to make it across at 2 steps per 10 seconds (not to mention he almost fell twice within the 3 steps I saw). I thought to myself.. how could I help him? What the hell was he thinking?

Then I had this 'Other' thought enter into my mind. This ole fart is too cheap to valet his car at the fuckin Cheetah. He's risking his life to see some P***** and too cheap to pay $5 (I know, I'm not a fan of valet.. but I can run across a damn street). My fear suddenly turned to 'Yuck... Ole Man.. just Yuck' -- there I went - speed on Audi.

Later I thought... that ole man has every Right to look up some chicks legs just as much as the younger, ugly, fat, married man that spends his lunch hour there 3 times a week. Why did I judge him so? Then I remembered -- I just don't like the 'maleness' associated with strip clubs. I'm glad these women are making every effort to pay their rent, their BMW leases and their bastard child's college fund.... but I don't care -- the whole 'society' of it all... Just doesn't settle well with me.

Oh well - call me a dork, old fashioned, man-hating, whatever --- but that's the sheeeziiot thought of my drive home.